Lara Warren and Nikki Costello have been working in partnership since the spring of 2017 to help students become more effective practitioners and teachers of Iyengar Yoga. The Wisdom Body is a supportive and collaborative community created to present Guruji’s teachings. It is a highly successful and effective way to advance your practice and improve your teaching abilities.

The weekend and week-long intensive schedule of the Wisdom Body is optimal for consolidating previous knowledge and aptitude with newly acquired skills and information in real time. For more information on the schedule of classes and pricing visit

Each weekend format includes a morning session designed to i) immerse you in a dynamic sequence leading to a “peak” pose (from an advanced syllabus); ii) explore a fundamental concept or organizing principle of Iyengar yoga;  iii) or focus on a particular body part or type of action. These sessions will inspire and challenge you both as a practitioner and teacher and increase your accuracy of knowledge in asana, pranayama, philosophy and functional anatomy and physiology.

The afternoon sessions are where you will get into the nitty gritty of effective teaching through collaborative learning as well as individual practice and teaching. As you know, our approach gives ample time for self-reflection, group analysis and practical consolidation of new information and skills. Expect to improve demonstration and teaching effectiveness; develop and utilize observation skills; learn to correct students through language, demonstration and hands on physical adjustments; explore class control and dynamics, pacing and sequencing.  Besides introducing more in depth exercises including adjustment and basic therapeutic applications you encounter in general classes.

The Wisdom Body Schedule for 2019 

January 26-27  —The focus of this first weekend will be on observation and correction skills. You will learn how to observe your students to recognize where improvements can be made and learn specific techniques and approaches to facilitate transformative teaching in a class setting. In addition to exercises to enhance teaching, observation and correction skills, we will be practicing common adjustments to help students improve their action and understanding in standing poses and inversions.

March 9-10 

April 6-7

May 4-5

Aug 19-23  (5-day Intensive)      

Sept 14-15

Oct 5-6

November 16-17

Hours: 10-6 pm

Location: Gibney Dance Studios except Jan 26-27 at Yoga Union