SAT 28-Sept 2019 3:30-5:45pm Core Awareness: The Abdominals (at Kula Soho) NYC

In this workshop, we will spend some time "mapping" the various layers of abdominal muscles, learn how to soften the superficial layers of the abdomen, create extension along the sides of the trunk, and arrive at the deeper, innermost layers of the abdominal muscles. From a state of softness, traction and spinal length, we will learn how to tone these deeper muscles to bring a healthy strength and support to our posture, exploring the balance between abdominal strength and suppleness.

SAT 26-Oct 2019 3:30-5:45pm Balance (at Kula SoHo) NYC

Whether we are standing on one leg in Virabhadrasana III (Warrior III) or lifting up on two arms in Bhakasana (bird pose), balancings require our full presence. Come develop a deep sense of calm and unwavering alertness as we explore our center of gravity and organization of the body in a variety of balancing poses.

SAT 28-Dec 3:30-5:45pm Preparing for the New Year (at Kula SoHo) NYC

What better way to prepare for the New Year than to cultivate quietness, receptivity and spaciousness? In this workshop we will be exploring poses, relaxation and breathing techniques to help release tension in the nervous system, lighten the tautness of the brain and cultivate solace in self-reflection.


SAT 23-Feb 2019 1:30-3:45pm Unburden Your Shoulders, Save Your Neck: A workshop for Inversions (at Kula SoHo)

In this workshop, we will clarify how to create space in the chest and freedom in the neck through the proper use of the arms. Very often there is confusion on how to extend the arms without holding the shoulders in tension, collapsing the chest and/or straining the neck. Through the lens of standing poses, backbends and forward bends, we will look at the role and direction of action of the arms and back body to aid the opening of the chest, bring length and stability to the neck and support and space to the shoulders in preparation for headstand and shoulderstand.

SAT 27-Apr 2019 2:30-4:45pm Spring into Action—awaken your energy, motivate your practice, and playfully reengage (at Kula SoHo)

Spring is a wondrous, dynamic time when nature is moving out of its cold, dark and dormant cycle into one that is vibrant, light and creative. Take a queue from nature and join me this Saturday to shake of what remains of Winter sloth, and hit your re-set button on your body and spirit. We will link asanas from the “families” of standing, seated and inverted poses together in fluid succession coordinating the breath with the movement.  The rhythm and seamless sequencing of asanas will instill you with a sense of vigor, playfulness and flexibility.

SAT 18-May 2019 1:30-3:45pm Freedom, Stability and Integrity in the Hips (at Kula Williamsburg)

Whether the hips are are tight and blocked or loose and unstable, our experience in a variety of asanas becomes limited and/or confused.  In this workshop we will focus on bringing proper structure and function to the legs and alligment to the pelvis and lumbar regions to dissolve tensions and create space and stability in the hips.

SAT 15-Jun 2019 1:30-3:45pm Uplift and Open: Supported and Unsupported Backbends (at Kula SoHo)

In this workshop we will begin with poses that open the shoulders, chest and frontal hips to make the practice of backbends more accessible. You will progress from asanas with support (taken with the aid of props such as chairs, blocks and bolsters) to the more active, unsupported asanas. The imprints learnt in these supported backbends can then be brought to the practice of unsupported backbends. This progression requires that ultimately your consciousness (rather than the props) provides the necessary support for the spinal curvature to increase, the internal space to open and the chest to find more lift and freedom.