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Special Weekend Workshop in Philadelphia at Amrita

  • Amrita 1204 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA, 19125 United States (map)

Exploring Pranayama - Friday, July 17, 6­-8pm

In this class we will prepare for pranayama with a series of asana that open the chest, steady the mind  and bring about relaxation. From this physical base, we will explore the role that the mind has in directing, following and merging with the breath. With continued practice, pranayama calms and strengthens the mind and creates a feeling of vast internal space by leading the senses of perception and mind to reach within towards their source.

Backbends and Inversions - Saturday, July 18, 10am­-1pm

We will begin with poses that open the shoulders, chest and frontal hips to make the practice of both the backbends and inversions more accessible.  Once we have opened and strengthened ourselves with a series of backbends, we will steady ourselves and bring about a state of equanimity with the practice of inversions.  

Forward Bends and Twist - Saturday, July 18, 2:30-4:30pm

The karmendriyas or the "organs of action" refer primarily to the arms and legs and are the place we start our actions from in the asana. With forward bends we will learn how to connect the arms and the legs into their sockets and use them to create maximum space in the sides of the body, length in the hamstrings and freedom in groins. In the twists, we will explore how one set of limbs stabilizes the base of the posse, while the other set of limbs creates the action of twist, helping us maintain the full range of motion in our spinal rotation and revitalizing our energy with their "squeeze and soak" action on the organs. 

Register here. For more info call: 267­ 928­ 3176 or contact Lara: 917 755­ 3894


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