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Strength and Vitality, Rest and Repose - Philadelphia

  • Amrita Yoga Welness 1204 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19125 United States (map)

Sat morning: Standing 2 1/2 hours
Standing poses form the bedrock of our practice. Through them we learn the correct foundation of our feet and the proper action in the arms and legs. This work is then carried forward into our more advanced poses, and leads us from the "skin to the soul".

Sat afternoon: forward bends and twist 2 hours
Forward bends soothe the brain, and rest the heart.  Twists help us maintain the full range of motion in our spinal rotation and physiologically help replace stagnant blood and revitalize our energy with their "squeeze and soak" action on the organs.  Both families of poses help us to draw our attention inward to the stable, unmoving center of the pose. 

Sunday morning: Backbends and inversions 2 1/2 hours
We will begin with poses that open the shoulders, chest and frontal hips to make the practice of both the backbends and inversions more accessible.  Once we have opened and strengthened ourselves with a series of backbends, we will steady ourselves and bring about a state of equanimity with the practice of inversions.  

Sunday afternoon: Pranayama and restorative 2 hours
In this workshop we will begin with asanas that teach us to consciously rest, relax and become quiet so that the breath can be revealed and then move into some fundamental reclining and seated pranayama practices. 

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